Write your brand story

Writing your brand story

The step-by-step guide to writing a compelling brand story without sounding like everyone else

Get ready to create a brand story that will connect you to your ideal clients and allow you to stand out in a crowded market. With 4 power-packed lessons that will teach you everything you need to learn about writing a brand story and 5 worksheets that will help you translate what you’ve learned into your very own unique brand story, you’ll have exactly what you need to begin building a stand-out brand.

Watch my step-by-step video trainings and discover clever tricks that will teach you everything you need to know about creating your own unique brand story that will:

  • Have you standing out from the competition like the bright star you are
  • Connect you with your ideal clients
  • Give you the confidence you need to show up as authentically YOU in your biz

It’s your turn to shine girlfriend!

Act now and receive instant access to:

  • Get crystal clear on what a brand story is so you can use it to connect with your ideal clients
  • Learn how to effortlessly weave your brand story into every piece of communication so you can truly stand out amongst the competition
  • Have your brand story virtually write itself with my top 4 storytelling tricks that will engage any reader
  • Learn the top-secret trick to gain clarity on your deepest core values that will set you apart in a crowded market
  • Create a brand statement so you can painlessly answer the dreaded “what do you do” question

When you act now, you also receive this exclusive bonus video lesson:

BONUS:  How to get others to tell your story to increase trust in your brand

I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal 4 secrets to get others to tell your brand story (Value: $67)

The total value of Write Your Brand Story is $197.

You get instant access to all step-by-step video lessons for the cray-cray price of just $27.

Enjoy life-time access to any updates and login anytime 24/7 to view the material.

Gillian G
Gillian G
Brand Strategist

About the instructor

Hello there! I’m Gillian. I’m a brand strategist and the founder of ArrowPost Digital Marketing. Blending passion for the industry with 10 years of marketing and communications experience, I work with ambitious online coaches feeling stuck or confused in the branding process to build a solid brand foundation so they can share their message with the world, attract their dream clients and live their dream life.

What's included?

5 Videos
6 PDFs